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This weeks fitness session was…

In case you missed it, this is the circuit we did at this weeks fitness session.  We went 3 times round…

Box Jumps

Shoulder Press


Shuttle Runs

Side Plank - On your left side

Overhead Lunge

Upright Row

Star Jumps

Side Plank - On your right side

This was a nice mix of everything today, with the goal being “do as many reps as possible”.

Because there was 9 of us and 9 stations, there was always someone doing the running, so we used them as our timer.  We would move on when they had finished their runs.

This was nice when there was a good runner (we were able to move on quite quickly), but not so nice when there was a slow runner!  Because i’m a pretty rubbish runner, this gave me the drive i needed to try harder and go faster.


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