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How to: Do Cannonball Situps


Cannonball Situp

Name: Cannonball Situp

Also known as:  (If you know these by another name, please leave a comment below).

Main muscles used:  Stomach, hip flexors.

Other muscles used:  Shoulders.

Top tips:

  • Start by laying flat on the floor with your legs fully extended, and your arms stretched straight above your head.
  • The top half of your body does a Situp.
  • At the same time, your legs bend so your knees are pointing up, and your heels are as close to your arse as possible.
  • When you are crunched up in this cannonball shape, your arms reach down and you touch your heels with your hands.
  • Try to not let your heels touch the floor between situps.
  • Keep your lower back pressed firmly against the floor when laying down.

Cannonball Situp

Common mistakes:

  • Same mistakes as a Full Situp.
  • Doing the top and bottom halves of the move out of synch with each other.
  • Not locking your legs straight when laying down.
  • Resting your heels/feet on the floor between reps.
  • Letting your back arch up off the floor when laying down.
  • Not finishing in a tight cannonball shape.


This is a progression to the Full Situp.  It needs coordination between the upper and lower halves of your body.  Also, by increasing the size/range of the move, and not letting your feet rest on the floor, it makes it harder.

It is often a nice idea to sit/lay on a padded mat, as the pressure on your bum can get uncomfortable after a while.

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