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How to: Do the Side Crunch


Side Crunch

Name:  Side Crunch

Also known as:  Oblique Crunch

Main muscles used:  Sides.

Other muscles used:  Stomach.

Top tips:

  • Crunch your upper body up in exactly the same way as a normal Abdominal Crunch.
  • Try to keep both knees together, and twist your hips and legs to one side, resting your knees on the floor.
  • When doing the crunch, your upper body should remain square, with both shoulders moving equal amounts at the same time.
  • Having your hands to the side of your body (as shown in the animation) is the “easy” version.  Moving your arms/hands further up the body makes the move harder.
  • Keep your eyes and chin pointing up towards the ceiling.
  • Keep your lower back pressed firmly in the floor.
  • Do equal amounts of work with your hips twisted to the right and left sides. 

Side Crunch

Common mistakes:

  • Not twisting the hips far enough around, so the knees are still pointing up in the air.
  • Not doing equal amounts of work on both side of the body.
  • Twisting the upper body and shoulders when crunching up.
  • Pressing the chin down onto the chest.


By twisting your hips, more work is being done by the oblique muscles that are found at the side of your stomach.  These tend to be a bit harder to do than normal Abdominal Crunches, because the muslces involved are used a lot less on a day-to-day basis.

As with the normal Abdominal Crunch, this is only a small move.  Your upper body (chest and shoulders) will only tilt upwards a few degrees.  Don’t try to make is a Full Situp, and end up sitting vertically.


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