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How to: Do the Lunge


The Lunge

Name: The Lunge

Also known as:

Main muscles used:  Legs, bum

Other muscles used:

Top tips:

  • Start and end the move standing upright.
  • Work both legs equally.
  • Make the step as long and low as your flexibility will allow.
  • Keep both feet pointing directly forwards at all times.
  • Bend the front knee in the same direction as your front foot is pointing (directly forwards).
  • Have the back knee nearly touching the floor when you go down into the lunge.
  • Keep your body straight and tall, throughout the move.
  • Once down in the stance, your front leg has to really push hard and drive your bodyweight back to the start position.  It won’t work if you try to do it slowly.

The Lunge

Common mistakes:

  • Working your “favorite” leg more than the other.
  • Cutting the step short and not bending both knees fully.
  • Twisting your ankles, so your feet point in/out.
  • Hunching your back forwards and collapsing your spine during the move.
  • Waggling your front and/or back knee about, and not keeping them pointing to the front.


The Lunge is a more dynamic version of the Split Squat.  The high speed and explosive nature required for the move, makes it more suitable for people wanting to improve their agility on their feet.

If you have dodgy knees, or you cannot control your knees yet, practice some more with the Split Squat before graduating onto the Lunge.

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