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How to: Do the Hip Flexor Lunge Stretch

Hip Flexor Lunge Stretch - Good

Hip Flexor Lunge Stretch - Good

Name: Hip Flexor Lunge Stretch

Also known as: (if you know this by any other name, leave a comment below).

Main muscles stretched: Hip flexors (top of the front thigh)

Other muscles used: Bum

Top tips:

  • Get into a long and low Lunge position, but rest the back knee on the floor/mat so you are comfortable.
  • Lift your body tall and tense your stomach to keep your spine nice and tall/vertical.
  • Push your hips forwards until you can feel a stretch at the top of the back thigh.
  • Keep your whole body vertical and avoid leaning forwards or leaning backwards.
  • Hold the stretch for 10-20 seconds, then repeat on the other side.
Hip Flexor Lunge Stretch - Bad

Hip Flexor Lunge Stretch - Bad

Common mistakes:

  • Rolling the hips forwards when stretching.
  • Bending the spine backwards when stretching.
  • Doing anything that shifts the stretch away from the hip flexors (top of thigh) and only the stomach.
  • Leaning the whole body forwards.


Some people with bad postures can have overly tight hip flexors, which puts their spines in a weakened position.  This can stretch the tightened area and allow the hips to be better positioned.  But it will only work if you are careful to kep your back straight and tall.

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