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Many low-fat foods ‘stuffed full of calories’

Low Fat

Less fat, same crap.

Many people talk to me about their attempts to control their weight.  So I ask them what are they doing to change their diets.  A very common reply is:

“I’ve switched to the low fat version of (insert name of food here)”.

Unfortunately, this is usually a pretty rubbish way to change our diets.  A few years ago I had a revelation!  It was this:

Labels reading “Low Fat” or “Light” had nothing at all to do with our health and waistline.  They are 100% marketing.  Nothing more.

If you find yourself reaching for the “healthier” version of your favourite packet of crisps/biscuit/breakfast cereal, then have a read of this article on the excellent NHS “Behind the Headlines” webpage.

It shows how many of these “Light” choices are not quite all they are cracked up to be…

And when you want to make a real change in your diet for the better, you can do a lot worse than clicking here and having a look at my guide to healthy eating.

And don’t forget to “share” this if you have found it enlightening at all.  Thanks!

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  1. 22/09/2012 4:14 pm

    I agree ;fat levels are of the least importance to me because calories and ingredients mean more!

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