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Running up the hill tomorrow…


Looking at the weather tomorrow, it looks like it’s going to be rainy.  So make sure you bring a change of clothes/shoes/pants etc.  It is never nice driving home soaked to the bone making your car wet and smelly!

Anyway, tomorrows run should be about 4 miles in length.  We are starting at the usual place (UTOPIA car park), then heading up to the moor then back again.  Along the way we will be trying to find as many obstacles as possible that are currently being built ready for Tough Mudder in Sept.  So if you have entered this year, this would be a good heads up!

Everest obstacleObviously, we can’t have a go on any of the obstacles, but we should hopefully get a good idea of what/where they are.  The first and most obvious one we will pass is Everest!  Always fun when you are knackered and the slope is slippery and wet and muddy and covered in grease, mud, sweat, blood and other juicy stuff…

So get all the details and register by clicking below, and turn up with your running shoes and a towel!

via Rees Fitness

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