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Grassington Boot Camp. Get fit, strong, healthy and the Yorkshire Dales in your lungs!


What is it?

Welcome to GrassingtonGrassington Bootcamp is outdoor training for anyone who wants to get fitter, get stronger or get healthier.  It is exercise outdoors in the wonderful, beautiful surroundings of Grassington, deep in the Yorkshire Dales.  This is exercise for people who like the outdoors.  Who like the sun on their faces and wind at their backs, and yes, maybe even a stop of rain down their collar!

We will be out in the the amazing Yorkshire Dales, aiming to:

  • Improve our cardiovascular fitness (so we can do more in our lives before getting out of breath)
  • Improve our strength (so we can do more in our lives before we collapse on the sofa with dodgy joints)
  • Improve our health (so we can do more in our lives before we drop down dead)

To achieve this, we will use:

  • The surrounding environment – hills, slopes, walls, rocks, trees, logs, gates, fences, benches, paths etc.
  • Our own bodyweight – running, jumping, crawling, sliding, standing, sitting, lying down, hopping, lunging, bending, twisting, bracing, pushing, pulling etc.
  • Simple tools – skipping ropes, medicine balls, tennis balls, tyres, tags etc.

Where is it?

We train in and around Grassington, North Yorkshire.  deep in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.  We meet at the main square in Grassington.  See the map below for exactly where…

View Grassington Bootcamp, meet here. in a larger map

When is it?

We run 2 levels of Grassington Boot Camp.  

Level 1 is for beginners and people new to exercise.  The aim of these sessions is to introduce you to training outdoors and to learn & practice some of the basic moves & exercises we will be doing.  Expect to move every joint of your body to improve mobility, strength and fitness for everyday, practical purposes.  You will be encouraged to do what you can and to improve at your own pace.  Having said that, still expect to get wet and dirty by the end!

Level 2 is for people who want/need a tougher training session.  You will not be allowed sloppy form/technique and I will expect you to try hard, do more and do better.  You will run, jump, crawl, twist, bend, brace, push and pull in ways you would not willingly choose!  And you will get fitter, stronger and more athletic as a result.

  • Level 1 sessions:  Saturdays, 2 – 2:45pm
  • Level 2 sessions:  Saturdays, 3 – 4pm

How do I join in?

First time to Grassington Bootcamp?

Then click here to fill out our Health Screening Questionnaire.  Simply fill it out so I know of any medical conditions/injuries I should be aware of.

Been to Grassington Boot Camp already?

Then simply turn up at least 5 minutes before start of training so you are ready to go!  Anyone turning up late will be given a hard time for the rest of training Smile

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