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Fitness Assessment Monday 5:30pm



Monday 5:30pm


UTOPIA carpark, Broughton Hall Estate.

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This is where we do our regular benchmark test to spot our strengths, weaknesses and how we are progressing.  The regular assessment is run each month and consists of pressups, situps, burpees and a timed commando crawl and 1.5 mile run.

“If you don’t know how good you are now, how do you know when you have gotten better?”



Now read this bit below.  Yes, that includes you!

If you are interested I need everyone to fill out the following registration form and tick the disclaimer at the end.  Not only does it cover my arse in case I lose/break anyone, but it gives me an idea of the numbers turning up.

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up now!  And use your Facebook or Twitter or whatever to share this page with anyone you know.  Spread the FLASHmob word…

Click here to register.

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