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Fitness Assessment for Muddy Race events



Saturday 15th March, 10am.  (if this time is an issue with anyone, let me know…)


Broughton Hall.  Click here for a map.


Monthly Fitness Assessment!  If you have done it before, you know what to expect…if you haven’t done it before, click here to find out all about it and why it is so important for you to get awesome!

But basically, this assessment will help you prepare for any muddy race type events you may have signed up for.  Think events such as Born Survivor, Yorkshire Warrior, Tough Mudder, Rat Race etc.  These are all events where you have to be able to shift your body around in many ways, crawling, jumping, diving, climbing etc.  This fitness assessment will measure your improvement in tasks such as these.  Don’t miss it!

And don’t forget, Mollie is back this weekend, so why not come along and show her the right way to train (Smile)

Click here to register for this FLASHmob.



Click here to register for this FLASHmob.

Now read this bit below.  Yes, that includes you Lucy!

If you are interested I need everyone to fill out the following registration form and tick the disclaimer at the end.  Not only does it cover my arse in case I lose/break anyone, but it gives me an idea of the numbers turning up.

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up now!  And use your Facebook or Twitter or whatever to share this page with anyone you know.  Spread the FLASHmob word…

Click here to register for this FLASHmob.

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