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The difference between knowing, and doing.

The difference between knowing, and doing.

We all know how to get fitter:

  • Move more
  • Move more often
  • Get the blood pumping
  • Get the breathing up

We all know how to get stronger:

  • Lift weights
  • Do resistance exercises
  • Do it more often

We all know how to eat healthier:

Fri, 08/04/2017 – 17:00

via Rees Fitness – Fitness, Strength, Movement & Variety

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  1. Ricardo Castro permalink
    04/08/2017 9:13 pm

    This is an easy one…just sit there quietly until your doctor says these four words: “Or it’ll kill you”. You’ll be surprised at the speed your “auto-response” mechanism is capable of reaching when you hear those words in any imaginable form AND are uttered with your name included…if he or she doesn’t include those four words in his or her stern, belittling lecture, then consider yourself fortunate, excuse yourself, go outside and have a smoke and plan your evening meal and be sure to include something decadent and extra-chocolaty for dessert.’re welcome…Ricardo Castro – Oregon, USA

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