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Exercise and diet for osteoporosis

Exercise and diet for osteoporosis
Mon, 09/03/2018 – 17:00

I was very honoured to be a speaker at the local doctors osteoporosis support group the other day (could being a talking head be the future for me????)

So it was my job to try to tell the sufferers of osteoporosis how good exercise and good food can help them with their condition.  I was told I had done a good job because no one had fallen asleep during my talk (I like it when the bar is set so low a mouse could step over it).

via Rees Fitness – Fitness, Strength, Movement & Variety

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  1. Brenda Swing permalink
    03/09/2018 10:02 pm

    How can an entire country have such a well-developed sense of humor??? Is it something in the water or is alcohol mandatory??? Whatever it is, identify the source and never change it! You can have Trump and his entire family (PLEASE!!!) as a tee gift. Ricardo


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